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From: Larry Hoffman

Dear Real Estate Investor, Internet Marketer:

Look, I'm not going to bore you with the long sales copy and false promises other gurus make!

Here's the low down... I was spending way too much time scouring craigslist ads (4 - 5 hours/day) trying to find real estate deals!

I would send out 30 - 40 emails each day usually taking me 5 - 10 mins per ad.

You know what I'm taking about:
  • Open a new email window.
  • Highlight and copy the email address into the email window.
  • Copy the ad posting from craigslist and then copy it into the subject line.
  • Had to either copy or type in my message into the body.
  • Then click send!
OK, this isn't bad when it's just one ad!

But I was sending out 30 - 40 emails per day!

I Had Enough!

I was finished wasting my time doing all this crap!

Yes, I could have my admin do this!

In-fact I did, but she was also spending way too much time with this.

So, being a software developer I figured there was a better way to skin this cat

And there was...

Introducing my Craigslist Auto-replier.

This bad boy, kick ass, only one of it's kind software:
  • Scans your desired categorie(s) for new posts every hour on the hour.
  • If there are any new posts matching your criteria, your registered Email account(s) is triggered to send an automatic reply on your behalf.
  • Allows you to customize the subject and the email content of your replies for each listing you follow.
  • Tracks emails to ensure you only send one to the same recipient within a 30 day time frame.
  • Grabs phone numbers right from the ad so you can either call them or use Call Fire or Voice Shot to do a voice blast to these ads.
  • Allows you to schedule the days and times you want to software to run (kind like a part-time assistant)
  • Will never call in sick!
  • Never take a vacation day!
  • Plus a whole lot more....
Below you will find screen shots of the CL Auto-replier software.


This is basically the nerve center of the system. At a glaze you can see the number email account you have registered, the number of searches that are enabled. best of all it shows you the total number of emails sent!

Customizable Searches

This is the spot where you can enter in your searchs. You can enable and disable them with a click of a mouse. You can also click the calendar icon to setup days and time to have the software run... it's really pretty amazing! Infact check out the next screen shot below:

"This Autoreplier Rocks!"

I have received emails from 28 leads in about 36 hours. That is from 114 emails sent. 25% response rate is pretty good! I actually turned it off because I don't have time to contact them all directly at this rate.

Jeff S.

"I have 3 sellers in the pipeline!"

Good news is I have 3 sellers in the pipeline, and my partner and I have actually bought a property that we are looking to wholesale for a quick 20,000 profit! A result from the CL autoreplier, probably one of the most powerful marketing tools somebody can have in their arsenal, so thanks for that! -

Jon F.

Schedule Your Auto reply Times

Schedule all your follow up via Google Calendar.... It's really that easy!

Support Videos


As you can see above, I  have support videos walking you through the entire process. I want to make sure you get off on the right foot! I want to make sure this isn't another on of those system you try and then forget about! I want to make sure you are successful!

Log Viewer

View at a glance emails and phone numbers that were sent on any giver day. Also download all the phone numbers found to send out a call bast!

Email View Log

Actual Phone Numbers

Unlimited Emails


I think this was my faster contract I'd ever gotten signed! Check this out... The CL auto-replier sent an email out on Jun 14th and less than 24 hours I had a signed contract! How cool is that?

More Proof

And more....

And more....

I've been running the software since May 8th and it's generated either a lead/leads for me every single day. It's crazy that a software program can actually do that. Actually, it's not! This software system is amazing!

So Larry, why should I read the rest of your sales letter? Or better yet, why should I buy your CL Auto-replier? Simply put, I know what it's like to be on a shoestring budget and I've also spent a lot of money on courses and other software tools, that over promise and under deliver. All I can say is, not this time!

PLUS -- Get These Special Bonuses, When You Order Today:

Bonus #1:
Lifetime Support
Yes, lifetime support! No more paying extra just have to have your questions answered on the software.

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Bonus #2:
Lifetime Upgrades
I'm always trying to improve the software and that usually means updates... Sometimes these updates are minor, sometimes I add something that just kicks ass! You get all these updates!

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$249.00 for the first month, then only $57.00/month

Accepted Payments

Our 30-day Guarantee! If you're not 100% completely satisfied, we'll return 100% of everything you paid.
It's the best guarantee in the business!

We want you to be a happy customer ... If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the CL Auto-replier software, just drop us a line via our support site with a copy of your sales receipt and we'll gladly refund your full purchase amount. No questions asked ... No hassles ... And we can still be friends...

Now that's more than a guarantee ... It's our personal promise to you.

To your success!

Larry Hoffman

Active Real Estate Investor and Mentor
LJH Investments, LLC

P.S. Remember: You get all this for only $57/month ... Once you place your order, you will instantly receive acces to my special membership site to start using the software today!

Grab your seat right now...


$249.00 for the first month, then only $57.00/month